Purple Sharks sign five year pact with Wakiso District

Purple Sharks sign five year pact with Wakiso District

2022-09-15 04:31:15

Wakiso Giants Football Club have signed a five year partnership with the Wakiso District Local Government.

The historic moment happened at the district headquarters with the district acquiring 20% shares within the club.

In the pact signed, the District Chairperson automatically becomes the club patron and shall appoint two persons on the club’s board.

Club CEO Sula Kamoga said: “It’s a historic moment in our club as we get another partner on board.  

We believe this partnership will turn Wakiso Giants into a remarkable force which will in turn act as a school of excellence in the district.

“We also expect our club to act as a unifying factor for the populace within the district by attracting various political heads at the various spheres of leadership within the district.”

District Chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwaniika (club Patron) said: “As a district, we have agreed with Wakiso Giants to be our club. For all residents of Wakiso district, we inform you that this club has now become part of our identity that shows we exist.

We pledge to do everything in our powers to support the club and also make it one of the best in the country.

The partnership will also help promote talent in the area and also have a team they identify with just like it happens around the world.”

The district joins our Principal Shirt Sponsors 1Xbet, Papo Resturant, Wakissha Resource Centre, Kyadondo SS and IUIU Females Campus Kabojja.