Douglas Bamweyana Q and A after the first five league games

Douglas Bamweyana Q and A after the first five league games

2020-12-24 07:11:26

Douglas Bamweyana admits his disappointment at the results so far achieved in the first five league games in 2020/21.

In an exclusive interview with the club media, the coach reveals where he thinks things didn’t go as planned, a plan for the January window and where the side needs to improve in the break before the league returns on February 12.

Five games, five points. How disappointed are you with the points tally at this stage in the season?

I'm very disappointed with our returns so far! Our performances certainly deserved a lot more than what we have - but that's football if your forwards are not as clinical as they should.

The defence has conceded in all but one game and in a manner that you one time described as ‘gifts’. Where do you think lies the problem?

It's certainly the manner - which is clearly avoidable - that is the other concern. Lapses in concentration levels and refined speed of thought - as causes. But these are elements we can correct fast.

The team hasn’t been lethal up front either scoring just six goals in five games despite creating a plethora of opportunities. Do you think there is a problem that needs to be solved in the area?

Now this right here is our biggest problem. We have a lot of creative players but truly lack genuine finishers. They get in many scoring positions and almost always make the wrong decisions to take an extra touch or Dodge when shooting would be the ideal or easiest decision. We've emphasized this enough but don't see significant improvements. We will have to look out for a solution in this case and fast.

The league goes into a long break until February 2021. Is it a welcome break to help the team iron out mistakes in the past games?

I personally feel the break is unwelcome. First we needed the next game fast to seek our first win - but also feel very unfortunate to only have drawn in games we feel we truly deserved to win and all of them for this matter! If only we were clinical in front of goal...

And going by the performances of individual players, do you think there is need to bring in a couple of new faces to rejuvenate the side in the January window?

We had full trust in our squad coming into the season - but feel disappointed with attacking department. They certainly should have done more justice to the opportunities and moments that they enjoyed & nearly all are guilty of missing some easy chances... But Rome wasn't built in a day.

Finally, in case of new signings, which department/s would you target to improve in the window?

We will assess the market seeking one or two finishers. On condition that the environment permits - it's a difficult window!